plakat11.jpgDream of San Juan

A village in the Sierra Madre is inhabited by the last representatives of an ancient Mixteco culture. Deprived of their identity by modern civilization, they are facing an even bigger threat: a landslide that may destroy the village during torrential rains. The local leader tries to prevent the disaster. He wants to invite a geologist to the village, so that the approaching danger could be officially confirmed. But no help is coming and the inhabitants may just humbly wait for the disaster to happen. 

director: Joaquin del Paso, Jan Paweł Trzaska
DP: Jan Paweł Trzaska, Joaquin del Paso
screenwriter: Jan Paweł Trzaska
editing: Ireneusz Grzyb
music: Marin Del Paso
production: De Lord S.p. z o.o.
producer: Piotr Kepa

runtime: 45'
format: HD



Festival International Cine Puebla, Mexico, 2012

Morelia International Film Festival, Mexico, 2012

Cracow Film Festival, Poland, 2012

Dreamspeakers Film Festival, Canada 2013

Cinema Planeta Mexico city, Mexico 2013

61st Trento Film Festival, Italy, 2013

Ambulante film festival, Mexico (21 projections in 15 cities)

Millenium Film Festival 2013, Belgium, 2013

Filmfest Eberswalde, Germany 2013

MiradasDoc, Canary Island, 2013

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