plakat_afganistan_mniejszy_podglad_aly.jpg Survive Afghanistan

Five professional soldiers (one of them a woman) set out for the war in Afghanistan as part of the Polish contingent in NATO. They are to spend ‘only half a year’ in Afghanistan, yet when they say goodbye to their families they do not realize what is awaiting them. Their stay in a military base in the Ghazni province will be an extreme experience verifying their notion of heroism. The return to the civilian reality will not be easy either, since the war leaves its mark on people and is addictive.

director: Małgorzata Imielska 
DP: Jan Paweł Trzaska  
screenwriter: Małgorzata Imielska 
editing: Adam Kwiatek 
music:  Michał Lorenc  
production: Studio Filmowe Kalejdoskop 
producer: Wojciech Szczudlo 

Format: HD
Lenght: 55'



5th Docubazaar, Slovenia 2013

20.Camerimage, Bydgoszcz Poland 2012

21. Polish Film Festival in America, Chciago 2012

13th Annual Polish Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA 2012

DocsDF, Mexico City, Mexico 2012


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