Deep in the mountains of the Sierra Madre in Mexico, in a tiny village, the last living representatives of the tribe Mixteco have theirs houses. The film tells the story of two boys who overcome inaccessible mountain areas, to provide water for the rest of the family members.

Jan Pawel Trzaska, Joaquin del Paso
DP: Jan Pawel Trzaska
editor: Filip Kasperaszek PSM
sound: Jose Luis juarez Guitierrez
production: PWSFTviT
Kodak negative 35mm
runtime: 8'15''
Mexico, 2009


FPFF in Gdynia, Poland 2010

Łodzią po Wiśle, Warsaw, Poland 2010 

Semana Internacional del Corto, Bolivia 2010

Festival "Ekran", Toronto, Canada 2011

Tiburon Film Festival, San Francisco, USA 2011

Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles, USA 2011

Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland 2011 

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